Canoeing Ireland Canoe Polo 2014 EGM


to insufficient numbers attending the AGM on 18th
October and no
nominations for election to the Committee we were unable to proceed with the
meeting, and the meeting was abandoned.
We are now calling an EGM on Sunday 16th November 2014 in the
Liffey Training Centre.
  The EGM will
follow a development workshop 11am, the workshop will identify the needs of
clubs in developing the sport at local level.

we are unable to elect a committee at this EGM, the function of the committee
will devolve back to Canoeing Ireland, the implications of this will be:

  • Six major outdoor competitions will not go ahead at locations
    in Galway, Longford, Killaloe, Enniskillen and Phibsborough, as NCPC are
    responsible for signing off the risk assessments and application forms to
    Waterways Ireland and the insurance company.

  • Boats currently on loan to developing clubs will be recalled
    and put into storage. Equipment such as goals and pitchlines etc will also be
    put into storage

  • The Junior Development Programme aimed at
    juniors aged between 13 and 21 years old and leading to National Squad
    Development will cease.

  • The Coaching scheme will not be implemented.

  • Senior skills course will not go ahead.

  • No referee courses
    will take place.

  • No national squads will train or compete at
    international level.

  • Work with Waterways Ireland to identify and development
    amenities and facilities will cease. 

    The effect on our sport will be detrimental and we need
    clubs to nominate their members to become part of the committee. The positions
    up for election are:

Chairperson                               (2 year term)

Ordinary member 1                    (2
year term)

Ordinary member 2                    (2
year term)

Ordinary member 3                    (1
year term)

Ordinary member 3                    (1
year term)