Phibsborough Polo Comp - 10th/11th June

The U21s Irish womens squad are running a Canoe Polo Competition on the canal at Phisborough in Dublin on the 10th/11th of June


Entries will close on Sunday, the 4th of June at Midnight. This provides time to create and publish a timetable, check CI numbers and complete other administrative duties.

An entry fee of €125 per team is required in advance of entry to the competition. There is a discounted price of €75 for junior teams. For your team to qualify as a junior team, all members on it must be U18.

Teams must register their players on the entry form attached below.

All players must have valid CI  numbers, or equivalent governing body memberships for foreign teams. Players who are not members of Canoeing Ireland or a Member of a foreign NGB will not be eligible to play.

Teams who are entering players who are under the age of 18 must ensure that they are appropriately supervised by an adult during the competition especially during the game. If a team consists entirely of players under the age of 18 they must have an adult coach/manager present for each game.

Teams must nominate 2 referees that will referee on the team's behalf. Those 2 referees are the only people who can referee on behalf of your team and cannot represent another team. They will be allocated to games during the competition. They will be timetabled to referee games that are appropriate to their refereeing ability not their playing ability. Teams will be penalised if their allocated referees/officials fail to attend their duties. 

Please transfer your entry fee to the following bank details:

Entry fee  €125


IBAN: IE89BOFI90401819049875

Entries may be paid on the day at request.


For any registration issues or to make changes to an entry please email

Irish Open


They are running 3 Divisions a Div 1 , Div 2 and Div 3

Contact Information: 

For those with further questions please contact.
Jonny Parkinson at