Canoe Polo Ireland has acquired various equipment over the years in thanks to the development levy collected from competitions held in Ireland and grants from public bodies such as  Sports Ireland and Waterways Ireland

Why do you need this equipment?

The equipment is used to help promote and facilitate Canoe Polo in Ireland. For example we have floating goals that allow pitches to be setup where there are no poles for lines to have hanging goals. We have several polo boats used during development days for those that have not gotten into the sport. 

Can I use the equipment?

Yes, as mentioned above this equipment is used to promote and facilitate Canoe Polo in Ireland. If you are running a competition and would like to borrow anything to help with that please send a request to

Also if you are a club looking to try out Canoe Polo we can organise a loan of some of our polo kayaks for you. Again contact us at the above address.

What equipment do we have?

Below is a short list of what is available:

  • Floating Goals
  • Hanging goals
  • Shot clock
  • Electronic scoreboard
  • Polo Kayaks
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