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Welcome to the rules and refereeing for Canoe Polo Ireland.

Each game of canoe polo is presided over by 2 referees ( and in international tournaments by 2 goal line judges). They have a set of rules that are set by the International Canoe Federation (ICF).


Each game of Canoe Polo in Ireland requires 2 referees to officiate over a game. The referees stand on either sideline on the pitch and ensure that the players play to the competition rules.

A referee will cover his end of the pitch from the 6m mark to the goal-line on their right hand side. More detail on positions can be found in the Canoe polo Rules

Referee Equipment

A referee should supply their own equipment. The following are examples of what is available:

Referee Card Set

contains 1 Green, 1 Yellow, 1 Red Cards

3 mm thickness acrylic material

measure 7.5cm x 10.5 cm

5mm hole to allow placement of lanyard & whistle (lanyard and whistle not provided)

Referee whistle

A pealess whistle is usually best, The Fox 40 whistles are recommended.

ICF Canoe Polo Rules 2015 booklet are available and the NCPC can order extra ones if required.

Official booklet provided by ICF

Approx Size: 7cm x 14cm

Contact if interested in any of the above

Canoe polo Rules

The International rules of Canoe Polo are set by the International Canoe Federation (

The 2017 Canoe polo rules are located on the international website at Canoe polo Rules.

A competition organizer can exclude/include rules from their competition as long as this is ratified by the Canoe polo Committee and notified to competitors in advance.

See also: – the  Handsignals for Canoe Polo

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